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Restoration and Gilding

Someone WHO ONCE USED TO BE IRRESISTIBLE NEVER SEEMS TO GET OLD.Fifty years before, during the prime of adulthood, ravishing, twenty years prior to that, youthful and lovely, - every age has its particular appearance and impression. In order to recognize theses aspects “objectively” and to categorize them according to their significance you have to look back in time. Historical and art-historical background knowledge is always the basic requirement for a professional and optimal restoration and conservation.

Our focus on conservation rather than renewal is attributed to this spirit. According to this guiding idea we guarantee value retention instead of an expensive all-round retrofit which essentially decreases the original value of the object. We retouch textiles with great care; we gild frescos and frames with oil as well as with the common gold substratum red bole poliment. No matter what, we do anything required to polish your property.With great respect we stand behind the object, in order to enhance and consolidate the original state. We strictly avoid any kind of self-presentation through “fancifying refitments”, because it is our goal to preserve the original. We do not put ourselves above the object, since we are not its creators. At best we can reanimate what was believed dead for a long time.