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Retouch of Paintings and Figurines

RETOUCH IS LIKE POINTILLISM RESTRICTED TO THE EXTENT OF A SINGLE POINT AND WITHOUT GOING ASTRAY. Whether it is a figura serpentina, a church clock or Picasso's Guernica – all have in common that the artistic expression and workmanship of an arts craftsman is perceptible to someone else or the outside world as a whole. For that reason we follow the idea that when we lay hand on a certain object, we do it with great respect regarding its creator's original intentions and visions and try to preserve or restore these as much as possible. We try not to fall into the hybris of wanting to improve or even to change everything.


Imagine a jigsaw puzzle, if only one piece is not restored to its exact original state, or even changed slightly. It will not fit. The same accounts not only for the physical shape, but also and above all in an artistic sense.We clean, tighten, glue, and oil, using different means and substances, at most different objects. No matter if relief, frame, picture, oil painting, sculpture, clay, stone, or wood, the  critical aspect  is  your request to preserve or restore what is most precious to you. Bring us your most treasured piece. Let us see what we can do. And even if we do not seem to be able to manage the task ourselves, we almost always know somebody who can and whom we can trust.Let us do your restoration work and quintessentially restore the value of your object.