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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

YOUR FLOOR ALLOWS FOR EXPRESSION. YOUR CARPET CAN MAKE AN IMPRESSION. But what if the ornaments or printings on your carpet are barely recognizable due to wear and tear? Carpet and upholstery cleaning first and foremost means laundering, or dissolving dirt. In order to achieve best results we use an extraction procedure that makes it possible to extract the dirt from the fabric directly after being dislodged or dissolved. We’ve been in this business for 36 years!

No matter which type of carpet or rug; if Persian, lambskin, or one-of-a-kind synthetic, we clean and repair historic carpets as well as your most precious upholstered furniture. If you don’t want to ride roughshod over your living room floor, then entrust it to us. We will coddle it up until the fabric is bright and colorful again, thus providing for a grand entrance..