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Refurbishment, Diagnostics, Surveying

MOST CRACKS APPEAR TO BE MORE PROFOUND THAN THEY REALLY ARE. With age come cracks. These are signs of use or presence – just like fine facial lines, wrinkles or dimples. However, we tend to interpret cracks as a sign of decay rather than as a sign of life. That is why we take great efforts to conceal any form of visible maturity. We drill, fill, mask, clean, and unmask your facade, depending on what is required for the rejuvenation of your property. The crack repair is executed via a patented filling procedure which prevents new cracks from occurring, even 15 years later – guaranteed.

However, that’s not all. To us, edifice protection goes a little further. Monument preservation is the key term here. The associated procedures range from dehumidifying old vaulted basements to facade cleaning by means of an environmentally friendly dry-ice blasting procedure, and beyond. We take care of concrete reconditioning, and surface protection, we incorporate security and shielding wallpapers, we take over the dry-walling, and we attend to all round  thermal insulation.
We achieve the optimum by means of our state-of-the-art equipment which has been well-proven through daily routine. Our thermal imaging camera reveals permeable areas in your walls , and our hoisting platform, which can be extended to a height of 23m (75 ft) but only requires a clearance height of 1x2m (4x7 ft), facilitates our work considerably and gives us more flexibility.
We pay you a visit to establish our diagnosis on-site. Sometimes this requires us to  peel open layers of wood or masonry to determine which parts of the building fabric show signs of deterioration, which ones feature the original patina, or what could be the original coloring from back in the day.
This way we’re able to determine the most accurate tinge. Which enablesus to restore to the original condition as best as possible. Or would you rather dress up your building in a way that is completely inappropriate considering its age? Just think about it. Would you have your grandmother put on a red miniskirt? In addition, we offer any kind of flooring work including fabrication and repair of terrazzo floors and staircases which we consider our area of expertise.