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Paint, Varnish, Stucco

YOU SHOULD NOT PREMATURELY DISCARD YOUR WISHES AS SIMPLY UNREALIZEABLE. Instead, you should become acquainted with our various capabilities. With us you can have the exterior as well as the interior of your living space either completely remodeled in the latest fashion or historically restored. Only the object itself sets the boundaries to our creativity.

As soon as we raise our paint brushes, we have all the painting techniques that belong to the outline of a professional painter at our disposal. This expertise is complemented by a vast variety of colors ranging from Bio to 2k along with CAD-designed decors. These, in turn, can be utilized beyond simple or decorative finishes with letterings and creative ornaments. Of course we feel obliged to inform you about the adequate choice of materials and to give you qualified color suggestions based on color samples, color axes, and primer. Since we are familiar with a whole range of materials we daub, paint, wipe, crown, cork texture as well as provide smooth-as-glass finishes. We gladly enhance plain surfaces by a third dimension through all types of stucco and rosone work. We take on any given task from reconstruction to the remodeling of stucco, from enhancement to the complete re-sculpture of ornamental reliefs. By means of various varnishing and spray-coating techniques we make high quality carved doors, wooden skirting boards with ornamental designs, and much more, shine anew or like once before. If you prefer a natural look, we restore the original coloring of your wooden/oak doors.